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Chemistry Homework Help: What to Do if You're Stuck

Chemistry, can be a daunting subject, in that the formulas, and math can be very confusing and complex. Even to the student that loves the subject, this can be an issue. So what to do if you’re stuck? This can even be a harder issue than some might think. So let’s look at the possibilities, on how to handle this situation.

  1. Websites
  2. Libraries
  3. Instructor
  4. Books and Videos


Some schools offer a website, where an instructor will help their students with these types of problems. On these sites, one professor is assigned a nightly job of monitoring the site. Here they will watch for students asking questions about things they cannot understand. They will walk the student through the problem, and help them figure the equation themselves. This is good because, sometimes the textbook does not make it easy to understand. Some other sites use graduate students to help other students with their chemistry. There are a variety of sites that can help a student understand their chemistry problems they are having trouble with. They use a diverse selection of methods, from tutors to tutorials and videos.


Libraries, have a lot of resources that a student can use; from books to videos. Some even offer other assistance. They can be an excellent resource of data to help the student understand complex or confusing chemistry problems. Spending a little time in the school library, could be a great value to the student that is stuck on a chemistry problem, or section.


Talking to the student’s instructor can also help them understand a tough section or problem. Letting the instructor know that the student is having an issue with an equation, or formula, can get some very good help. Either the instructor will help the student, or assign another student to work with the one having the issue. Either way this can be effective help.

Books and Videos

Any student that is interested in chemistry, will usually have books on the subject, or knows where good books are in the library. They can also go online, and watch some very informative videos, that could help them with where they are stuck. Many instructors and professionals from different fields are posting homework help for students on YouTube, to help them with the harder subject matter. These are very much worth watching, to get help from.