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There Should Be No Homework in Schools

People are always discussing whether or not that there should be homework in schools. It is usually about half and half, some say yes that there should be homework in schools and then some say no that there should not be homework in schools. This topic has been something that has been debated for many generations and is a topic that will always remain as a heated conversation.

No homework side of things:

  • Homework takes away from time that could be used for playing. Having unstructured play helps with one’s academics and even their social skills

  • Homework causes stress on the parents as well as the kids. Studies show that over 90% of parents help their children with their homework or even do it all for them

  • Homework is just a waste of time. Parents believe that teachers just assign homework to assign homework and that the homework they assign is not appropriate for any of the students’ certain needs

Yes homework side of things:

  • Homework teaches the kids about responsibility. Having the responsibility of homework imitates having the responsibility of work when you are an adult as well as with home life when an adult

  • Homework nurtures children’s brains for future classes. Students need to be given homework starting out in elementary school so they can be ready for middle school and then high school and then college. Having homework also reinforces the information more so it stays in your head longer, hopefully lasting all summer long.

  • Homework reiterates the instruction side of the classroom. The homework serves as a form of practice so that the students can learn more on their own time and at their own pace

Homework is a wonderful form of academic institution and it should be involved in schools and children should have it. However, there is a growing trend in schools that are cutting down on the amount of homework that they are assigning to students; it has been found that some schools are even trying to cut out homework all together. How does this topic make you feel? Do you think that there should or should not be homework involved in schools? Homework being involved in schools is a topic that will never die and people will always have something to say for both sides of the story. Realize that there are both bad and good things when it comes to having homework.