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High school physics homework help: an easy way to memorizing formulas

Physics can be quite the challenging subject. A lot of people have trouble remembering the formulas when it comes time for tests and even for the homework. Looking them up every day for homework can be tedious and you start to think, there has to be a better way. The question is what is that better way? There might be a lot of cute little tricks to remembering formulas but there is one sure fire way to know that you know them.

The best way to memorize formulas

  • Pay attention in class
  • Study the material
  • Know what the formulas stand for

Pay attention in class

If you pay attention when the teacher talks about the formulas than you can really absorb the information. He or she will explain them to you and you can learn what each piece of the formula means and why it is there. Once you know how to figure out what everything means you can truly understand how to use the formulas.


Now that you know what the formulas mean, make sure to study them and keep them fresh in your mind. The more you study the better you will be able to retain what you learned. Writing them down also helps with memory and learning ability. Studying is an important part of remembering what you were taught in class.

Know what the formulas stand for

If you know what each letter in every formula stands for and why it is there, what purpose it serves in the formula, that you will be able to remember the formula itself. It is as simple as knowing what everything means and why. If you know why you need to multiply a variable by another variable, than you should be able to remember the variables in the right place. That is the formula. Once you know the meaning behind them well you should have no trouble knowing what they are and what everything stands for. This makes it easy to do homework and ace tests.

The better you really know the stuff the easier it is to remember. Coming up with pneumonic devices might help you to remember what the formulas are but they can’t help you to understand them. So even if you did remember them you may not know when to use them or what for. Knowing is the key to memorizing. Just know the material and the rest will come easy.