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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Homework Answers

Thanks to a wonderful invention known as the Internet, it has become easier than ever for students to find the answers to their homework questions online. Instead of studying from a text or hitting the library, students merely need to Google their homework questions in order to find the answers. After they do this, all they have left to do is copy it down and hand it in. If, they are using a word document them may even be able to click “copy” then “paste” and voila they are finished their assignment.

On the surface, these must seem like the best thing ever. No longer having to study and still getting all of your homework questions right. However, if you think about it a little more critically there are also some obvious downsides to finding free homework answers online.

  1. You Aren’t Learning Anything
  2. Let’s begin with the most obvious; when you get your homework answers for free online via an internet search engine you aren’t learning much, if anything about the subject that you are supposed to be studying. This may seem like the “easy way” to get through school at first, but it will catch up with you later on, I promise.

  3. You won’t be prepared for your tests
  4. Okay, so using online resources allows you get your homework done MUCH faster. This means more spare time for you- this is what all students want, right?

    Unfortunately, if you use this method to do all of your homework you probably won’t do very well on your final exams. Instructors, have gotten wise to the way that modern students study and they are making tests and quizzes a much bigger part of their lesson plans. Chances are it will likely be nearly impossible to pass their class if you only copy and paste the answers for all of your assignments.

  5. You’re not considering the questions
  6. Finally, the big reason why it is not well advised to use free homework answers off of the Internet is for the simple fact that you are not critically considering the questions. You may believe that you are answering all of the questions correctly, but chances are you will get more wrong than you thought. This is because you are not carefully considering each one and answering it in your own words.

    Furthermore, your instructor may get wise to the fact that you are merely copying and accuse you of plagiarizing. This is something that you REALLY do not want to happen!