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Who Can Help Me with My History Homework Assignments?

History is a view of the stories of the past from the unique vantage point of the current era. Writing a History assignment can be daunting considering there is a bunch of facts, dates, events, and names, which you are supposed to get straight. Not only that you are meant to have an opinion on something that happened decades or even centuries ago!

It is tricky. You will often find contradicting opinions and conclusions derived from the same set of relics, facts, and events from an era.

Rule 1. Do Not Panic. Consider the fact that all of us are the product of history. You are here, reading this on a screen because in the past someone thought of inventing this technology!

Rule 2. Find some help and do not be shy about it.

Here is a list of your go-to places for (the much needed) help:

  • A Parent or Grandparent: Yes, they are old and they do not “get it,” but let us say you have an assignment on President Nixon, and maybe they were there when Neil Armstrong was roaming about on the moon. Use moon landing as a marker to elicit information about whatever else was happening around that time. This can give you some interesting material to write an engaging paper.
  • A Friend, Relative, or Sibling: We all have one of those eccentric but intriguing people in our acquaintance who know everything that has happened since the conception of planet Earth. Meet them, dig up, but bring them their favorite sweet before asking for their time and attention.
  • A Teacher: Your teacher can be the best source of guidance for the job. Ask for pointers and names of books, websites etcetera that can help you write a stellar assignment.
  • The Library: Now hit the library. Yes, that is a place with a gazillion books, nicely dusted, arranged, and catalogued for your ease. Armed with a list from your teacher, friend, or parent this should not prove too hard. Spend some time skimming through the book(s) and noting down relevant and interesting facts and/or tidbits.
  • Google: The ex-noun that’s everyone’s favorite verb! We know, some of you are going to skip all of the above and hit the search button and cruise the cyber-way with its almost infinite array of information and disinformation. Be careful because the tool, although exceedingly useful, can actually hit you hard if used without caution. Look up academic sites that have credibility. Quote reliable sources only. Research papers and published articles are a good source of information too.

Happy Writing!