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How to get Answers for Homework – Online Resources to Help You Out

Homework can give even the best of students a headache, especially when the topic is unfamiliar or difficult to intuitively understand. The many resources available online can help you find answers or at least source information that makes it simpler for you to work out the answers on your own. Here are a few great places to start your search.


By looking to people for help you can benefit from a more colorful source of information than just plain text. This can take place through either of the following:

  • Videos

    By looking at prerecorded videos of people working out the question that you have or a very simple one you have the benefit of slowing down, skipping ahead or even pausing as much as you like. This means that no matter your rate of learning and understanding, the video can keep up.

  • Live interactions

    When you speak to a person on line whether you get visual and audio or only type, you get immediate feedback on your problem. This makes it easier to get specific solutions.


Static pre-written words may not appeal to everyone but for the seasoned readers this can be an excellent way to get the answers you need. Two sources are:

  • Ebooks

    Many books are open source due to their copyrights having expired. Some of these contain answers and explanations to questions that are identical or very similar to the ones you will be assigned for homework.

  • Websites

    Many proud academics compile educational resources on websites to help newcomers advance in their field. You can look through these for explanations on the subject that’s giving you trouble.


While many people dismiss games as a non-productive waste of time, many subjects have begun to utilize gamified practice to help people learn. It’s widely applicable so whether you have homework in math, english, music or history, there’s almost always going to be a game that can help you study and find the answers you need if you play regularly. It’s not magic though, so if you don’t practice often you won’t see much improvement but it’s enjoyable to make you voluntarily come back for more.

By making use of any of these sources that you find online you can cut back on the amount of time you spend doing or preparing for homework.