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The Reasons Why Homework Causes Stress: A Professional View

Until a few years back, any student had a big volume of homework to complete daily. Now, more and more people support the idea of an educational system where the home study is not necessary. On the other hand, professors say that in order to memorize the information effectively, the student needs to make at least one hour of homework at home. Both sides have excellent arguments, but all students admit that having to study at home is not necessarily a good thing. If you want to form your own perspective, read these ideas:

  • Children don’t have enough time. They already spend half of their day in school and another few hours on the way, eating or taking care of their younger siblings. If you are obligating a student to spend all the afternoon studying, you are basically taking away any time that he might have for relaxation. Besides, many children finish their homework late at night since they don’t have time during the day, and this can lead to sleep deprivation.
  • They can’t follow their passions. It is crucial for a teenager to experiment new things and to pursue his interests. Otherwise, he will not enjoy his time, and he will become express. For example, if he is planning to follow a career in music, it is impossible to take private classes for music and to complete a big volume of homework.
  • A student needs free time during weekend and vacations. After a stressful week at school, the only thing you want to do in a weekend is to sleep and relaxed. Well, you are not able to do so if you need to write two essays and five math exercises. They are entitled to spend their free time however they want, not to be forced to work on math exercises.
  • The student might get confused. It is the job of the professor to make him understand the lessons that are presented in class. When he is failing to do so, he can not expect much from a child. Even so, the student will receive a bad grade if he is not completing their homework. In many cases he did not understand the principles during class, so he can not apply them at home. They should be judged according to what they make during class, not according to what they write in home.