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Homework and Stress: How to Solve the Problem

When asked about doing homework, most children say that it is difficult, boring, and stressful. If a child has to perform something difficult day after day, he or she gets stressed regularly. Stress may lead to frustration, and to top it off, complete refusal of doing the prep. Not only do children get nervous when it comes to home assignments, but parents do as well, since most of them get involved into it one way or another. They control the whole process, check the results, or give a helping hand if the child cannot cope with it on his or her own. Parents get very concerned when they see how stressful it is for their children.

These are a few things that should be avoided in order to relieve you from the stress homework causes:

  • Disorganization.
  • A child should have a comfortable place to do homework. It should be free from distractions such as TV, phone, and video games. Avoid kitchen tables, as there are too many things that can interfere in the process and make it more stressful. However, small children may avoid tables if they please because they concentrate better when standing up or lying on the floor. Time is also crucial. When setting up a timetable for homework, do not forget to add after school breaks to it.

  • Rushing and Procrastination.
  • The amount of homework that can be given to a child is strictly restricted. Children should spend about 10 minutes per grade every night they do homework. For instance, while a first grader should spend 10 minutes tops on homework tasks, a twelfth grader can be given two-hour home assignments. However, children have different learning abilities. If you see that the stress comes from the amount of time spent on homework, do not rush your child into it or push it back. Talk to the teacher and try to work out a solution.

  • Avoidance and Inattention.
  • If your child has troubles with completing certain tasks, try to find the reasons why. The most important thing here is to understand what the obstacles are, and how to overcome them. Doing homework with a child is not an option. Homework gives a child the chance to revise and do the things explained in class on his or her own.

Homework can take the fun away from family life if organized incorrectly, but the harmony comes back once you relieve the stress associated with it.