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Puzzling Out Tough Issues: Feminist Essay Topics

The issue of women rights violation became conspicuous in the late 18th century. The second wave of feminism occurred in the 1960s. Today many researchers agree that we observe the third wave coming from the role of women in society and gender equality. The history of feminism development is worth studying, and some tough issues can become great essay topics.

  • Mass Media Position
  • Mass communication media have shared stereotypes for decades. Moreover, they have created and popularized many of them. For instance, skinny women are considered beautiful and healthy; dark-skinned women often shown paler; small girls are wearing make-up, etc. It is interesting to do a research about gender policy in different newspapers and magazines. Do you know that there are non-governmental organizations which today struggle hard against prejudices generated by mass media? Women’s magazines today become their first opponents.

  • The Housework Division
  • Domestic labour today is another tough issue, especially in Arabic countries. In the modern world, women can easily get out of the kitchens and make a career. However, they still do more housework comparing to their male mates. One of the biggest problems is that men do not spend enough time raising their children and taking care of elderly relatives. Women often have smaller salaries, and that is why they are more likely to quit their jobs to stay at home. The worst thing here is that women’s work at home is not considered “a work”. There is no social recognition that forces millions of women to work two jobs, at the office and in their own home.

  • Gender Inequality
  • We have mentioned above that there is no social recognition of women’s role in society. It leads to social inequality that is the reason of higher mortality rates among women in Muslim countries. It is hard to imagine, but millions of Arabic women do not have access to basic medicine services. Try to puzzle out the difference in health conditions of men and women in Africa or Asia. You may be unpleasantly surprised by the results.

  • Danger of Violence
  • Large majority of domestic violence victims are women. Male partners kill tens of women every week even in developed countries. Rape in some countries is not considered a crime at all. Therefore, women are targets for violence and international organizations cannot deal with the issue successfully. You can study crime situation in different societies and determine a role of women in making the world a better place to live in.