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How To Get A 4th Grader To Do Homework: A Helpful Guide For Parents

Various researches have been conducted guiding the parents to help their ward complete their homework efficiently. Researches state that a child below 10 years should not spend more than an average of 10 minutes on each subject to compete his homework and the same thing is applicable for a 4th grader as well.

Parents should plan 2 basic strategies to make things run smooth-

  • Prepare routines with daily schedules
  • Offering rewards if child fails to complete his homework on time.

Homework routines: A fixed routine accomplishes assignments on time. It develops a sense of order that a child can implement in his later stages of life too.

  1. Select a location: Find out a place where they should study, either on desk or in bedroom away from the family noise.
  2. Create a clear large workplace with all the necessary materials required for learning like pens, pencils, graph paper, glue, markers, colors scissors etc based on the age of the child.
  3. Fix homework duration: Make him complete his studies always on the fixed time. Based on their tolerance level, offer them breaks and make them complete their written assignments or learning assignments as soon as possible.
  4. Fixed homework schedule on daily basis: A 4th grade student requires supervision of his parents and hence parents should sit with them to review their assignments. It is their duty to check if their child understands everything and has all the materials with him. Ask your ward for the time required to complete his learning or where he/she has been stuck. If their speed is decreasing gradually, offer them rewards.

Incentive systems:

  1. Some children are encouraged by high grades for completing their jobs while others have to be boosted through simple incentive systems like offering them time to play a video game or having chocolate cookies to complete their assignments.
  2. In an elaborate incentive system, children can be asked to accumulate points after being punctual in their assignments like buying decided item with the mutual agreement of their parents or going for a trip.
  3. You can offer breaks after specific time spans or after they finish their work. Let them choose.
  4. Not only rewards, discuss penalties with your child too. In case the child is repeatedly doing same mistakes, punish them with penalties like making them complete 2 problems extra, not making them play during their free time, not providing cookies, not taking them to their favorite place etc. This should be part of the contract.

If required, an assistance of siblings can be taken for adaptations and additional support.