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Iraq War

The Iraq War has origins that date back hundreds of years. It was not a fight that happened over night by any means. And the extreme difference between the eastern civilization and the western civilization only served to enhance these varied and extreme contrasts. The modern day war in Iraq began in the year 2003.

The CIA began the first steps slowly and somewhat under cover. But then the US constructed and armed invasion of Iraq began shortly thereafter the CIA started. This war was different that any other war in the past in such that it could be seen on live television. The Bush Administration had a variety of goals and reasons for the Iraq War.

The first and biggest reason for the Iraq War was for the United States and its allies to take out the cruel regime of Saddam Hussein. It was known that weapons of mass destruction existed in the country of Iraq. In addition to finding and removing the weapons of mass destruction, the United States and ally troops wanted to disarm the country and prevent use of gas weapons by Iraq. The ally groups were also concerned with the treatment of the Iraqi people and the people of its neighboring countries.

The United States Security Council was especially concerned about the chance that Iraq might use anthrax against its enemies. Additionally, there was concern over oil in the land, how Iraq had taken oil from neighboring countries, and if that oil could be kept from Western countries. There were many things to consider in the Iraq War.

The fact that the war could be seen on television in live time, the fact that the two enemies were so different, and the vast differences in religion only served to make the war more personal and confrontational. No other war had been televised like this in the past. There were many variables to this cruel and dangerous war.

Saddam Hussein, the cruel leader of the country of Iraq, was captured in December 2003 after repeated bombings called “Shock and Awe” and much searching. Even with this capture and ultimate death, there are parts of the war that still exist today. It seems that as long as the two worlds, eastern and western civilization, disagree on government, people, religion, and the oil, there will be a war of sorts in the land of Iraq.