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Why College Homework Should Be Banned

One word. Homework.  An oppressive, annoying task that students are given to complete after the hours they’ve spent being in a class room.  Homework is an obligation that is supposed to support the lessons and ideas that a student has been taught by a professor.  Homework is also what seems to be an unnecessary item that students want banned.


This is a type of introduction paragraph that a student should use to get the attention of a teacher when they are writing an essay on why college homework should be banned.  The introduction paragraph needs to really get the attention of a reader. It needs to be:

  • gripping
  • attention grabbing
  • relevant to the subject.

The introduction paragraph is where the reader decides whether or not they care about the topic, so it’s up to the student to make them care.  Make them see the topic in the same light as they do.


The next part of an essay is the body.  This is where the student shows:

  • logical reason for or against topic
  • supporting evidence
  • emotional connections to the audience.

The body of the essay is where the student shows their real talent off.  The need to be clever and witty in their explanations.  If they lose the reader in the body then they have not communicated their information clearly. An example of a clever (albeit short) body:

While many will suggest that homework is needed for students in college, there are those who have found that unnecessary work does nothing but frustrate the student.  College isn’t the time for relentless pages of coloring sheets. It’s a time of self-discovery and research.  The amount of reading a college student must do and use as a source of self-teaching is overwhelming as it is.  The student can’t then be expected to do homework assignments on top of it as well.  Studies have shown that all work and no play will indeed leave Jack a dull boy.  If the student doesn’t have the time to self-explore and indulge in other activities they are more likely to fail and flunk out, not returning to earn the degree.


The conclusion of the essay has to be as strong as the introduction.  The student just can’t start the piece strong, and then end it on a soft and weak note, the end has to be as strong as the introduction.  Even mirroring the points made it in.  The conclusion needs to make the reader see their points. An example:

Work that is designed to take life and time away from the student for the sheer purpose of a mark in a grade book; that is what homework in college is.  This type of work takes away from the student more than it benefits.  For that alone, it should be banned.